*laying down in bed* Orakio?

*carrying a serving tray* Yes love?

Why are the credits long like this again?

*looks up* Why? Does it bother you?

No... it's just a lot of worthless reading.

You should just get some rest hun.

I'm fine I tell you. I'm just a little under the weather.

I wonder where Rhys is with your soup.

Late as always that boy. I swear he's YOUR son.

Hey, you're the one to give birth to him.

You're the one who gave him to me. Why can't he be more hard-working like our daughter?

Because I trained our daughter.

I trained Kyra more you know...

Did not... I did.

Nuh uh.

*enters with some soup* Talking about us again?

Not really.

Save it pa. I know how you all feel.

Hun, we're just joking.

*puts down the soup and kisses Leene on the forehead* I know mum. Get well soon. *leaves and shuts the door*

He seems upset.

Well, he is your son after all.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Welcome to our Town)