*sitting on a tree stump, outside the house on a hill*

*walks up to Kyra* Hey sis.

What do you want?

Just seeing what you're doing? Dreaming of Stare again?

None of your business. Go away freak.

*comes around so he's in front of her* Oh come now sis. It's not like I don't know.

Well buzz off then if you know.

Sitting here isn't gonna make you feel better. Stare isn't coming back.

Shut up! He said he would!

Like Stare is the only guy out there in the world.

*walks up* Hey kids. Just got word from Aunt Jema.

What does she want?

Your cousin Angela is coming for a visit soon.

*hangs head* So what? Big deal.

*to Rhys* Still upset over Stare?

Big time.

*to Kyra* You know, Stare will be back someday.

*still hanging head* I know.

He did a noble thing... joining the Knights of Lorath. Not many people would do that.

*sigh* I know.

I heard from Zak that Stare was in training to become a Golden Knight. That's the highest rank knight in Lorath you know.


It's not working dad.

Gee... 18 years of parenting and I still suck at it. If only your mother were better.

Just leave me be.

*to Rhys* Come on boy. Let's get inside. *starts to walk towards the house*

Wonder how Stare is doing.

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(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Frozen Aquaria)