*laying down still* Oh, here is is. *aloud* Rhys, telephone.

Who is it?

Somebody named Mire.

Mire? Oh yeah, isn't she that girl from class that you like?

Daaaaaaaad! *picks up the phone* Hello?

A girl Orakio?

What can I say? Like father like son.

Yeah right.

I was an international playboy you know when I was that age.

I think you meant you were reading international Playboy when you were that age.

Ah details details.

Excuse me a moment Mire. *aloud* Would you two keep it down please? *to the phone* What was that again?

How is Kyra doing?

Still upset over Stare leaving.

Can't you check up on him?

Yeah right Leene. I'm going to *under breath* power up in front of the kids and fly down there.

I mean call up Sandor. Besides *under breath* we know that neither of us can power up like we used to.

Speak for yourself. *sticks tongue out*

Okay, bye. *hangs up the phone* You two are so loud.

Sorry hun. What did Mire want?

She just wants to go out tomorrow.

Out where?

*defensively* To eat.

How long will you be out?

I don't know! Gee, I'm 16 you know. Just leave my love life out of this. *storms off*

Gee... 16 years of parenting him and I still suck at it.

Orak hun.

Yes love?

I think I'm going to go to sleep now. This is all making me so tired.

Yes... go ahead. Do you need anything?

Nah, I'm fine. Though, could you get me some water?

Sure thing.

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(Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Grandpa's House)