*later that night*

*sitting in front of the Television with a remote control in his hand*

*Television* And now, Children... with Parents.

Stupid Married... with Children ripoff.

*walks up to Orakio* Dad?

What is it sweetie?

Do you think Stare is gonna be alright?

Of course he is. He's under the command of Prince Sandor II. I knew King Sandor personally, and his son is an exceptionally talented man.

That doesn't make things any easier.

Why don't you go to Lorath?

It's a 2 day trip from here.

Angela will be here tomorrow, why not take her with you?

Well, I suppose the walk would do us good. Why don't we own a car anyway?

Because I paid for all this *waves his hand around his house, which looks rather poor-looking*

Control never gave you a lot in your retirement did they?

I never asked for anything. Just a home to raise you all in.

Well, ok. I'll go to Lorath tomorrow.

*Television* We interrupt this program to bring you this special news bulliten.

Oh great, now what?

*Television* It has just been reported that there a Meteor has crashed somewhere southwest of Kennebec. To get more information, we tune in now to our field reporter Bruce...

*turns off TV* *stands there dazed*

Don't I have to go through Kennebec to get to Lorath?

*still dazed*

*yells from his room* Oh my God did you see this?! *runs out* Dad! Did you hear about the Meteor?

*still dazed*


*shakes Orakio* Dad?

*snaps out of it* Oh, I'm sorry kids. What was that?

Did you hear about the Meteor?

Yeah, but I turned the TV off. *pauses* I'm going to bed. Night kids, don't stay up too late. *walks off*

What's wrong with dad?

I don't know. What did they say about the Meteor?

I don't know, but I'm going there tomorrow to find out.

*great, he's gonna wanna tag along now* Ok. Well, night kid. *heads off to bed*

I've gotta tell William. *runs off to his room*

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(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Level Forest)