*the very next day, a knock on the door*

*laying in bed* What? It's too early. Leave me be.

*forces the door open* HEY COUSIN!

*screams and jumps out of bed* Eeeep! *looks at Angela* ANGELA!

Sorry cousin, but your father said you were heading to Lorath today?!

Shhhh... Rhys doesn't know that.

Oh, sorry. Well, are you ready to go then?

Well, I haven't eaten yet.

We'll get something at Wicky P's on the way. C'mon. I can't wait to meet all those handsome Lorath Knights.

This isn't a sight-seeing tour...

*interupts* Oh sure it is. We'll have a load of fun.

*walks in* You girls ready yet?

I'm all set.

Gee... for someone who's a year older than me, you're awful hyper. Did you forget to drink decaf again?

Decaf? No decaf, lots of coffee, LOTS of coffee.

Has to be. Your neither of your parents were this hyper.

You haven't seen hyper until you've seen me rassle uncle Orakio.

I'm sure I haven't. How is your wrestling team doing?

Team? I'm the only one winning on that team full of male cheerleaders.

Well, you are half Orakian.

And you're full Orakian. Why don't you join up?

No thanks.

By the way... have any of you seen Rhys?

He left already?

Left for where?

He told me he was going to the Meteor site.

*eyes widen* I'm gonna kill that kid. C'mon, we're going to Kennebec. *starts to walk off*

What about Mom?

*stops dead in his tracks* ... I can't leave her. *turns around* Kyra, go there and tell him to get his ass home this instant. *walks off*

He seems pissed.

I don't know what is wrong with him. He's been acting funny ever since that Meteor landed.

*from the kitchen* NO I HAVEN'T!

C'mon. Let's go.

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