*at the Meteor crash site*

Holy cow William... this is awesome!

I'll say. Man. What an amazing thing to see.

It's all baricaded...

By yellow tape. Is that going to stop us?

*walks up* Rhys?

Mire! How are you?

What are you doing here?

Just came to see this crash site. You?

Same. I felt like I was being drawn here by something.

I wonder why this happened.

Probably just got thrown out of place with our gravitational field.

It's rather large. Shouldn't it have burned up in our atmosphere?

Probably. But anyways, it's good to see you Rhys *hugs him*

*hugs back* We still on for tonight?

Tonight? Got a date kiddo?

Rhys, who is he?

He's my cousin William. The son of my uncle Arik and aunt Crystal. Remember me talking about them?

Oh yes. Arik was one of the Dragon Knights of Oasis?


Nice to meet you Mire.

Likewise. Anyways, so what are we standing around here for?

You know, I really don't know. I just wanted to see this thing.

*from a distance* There you are! *runs towards Rhys*

*walks with Kyra* You're gonna be so dead kid.

What did I do now?

Dad told me to tell you to get your ass back home.

Like this meteor is going to hurt anything.

Just do what I said. Go home NOW!

What are you doing here?

I'm here to get you, now GO!

What are you so worried about sis? You think something bad is going to...

*the sound of rock cracking is heard nearby*

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(Phantasy Star IV - Field Motavia)