*comes out of the meteor* Rooooooooooar!


I knew you shouldn't have come!

*readies sword* Well, we have to kill it.

*brings up fists* Are you in or out?

*draws sword* I'm in.

You've got to be an idiot...

C'mon cousin. You know magical arts.

Doesn't mean I know how to battle.

*three more monsters pop out of the meteor*

*roars and charges Kyra*

*watches it* Thunder Clap! *claps hands together, a bolt of lightning hits the monster*


*aims for another one* Magic Bullet! *points hand forward and a shot of light heads towards aonther one*

*cries and dies*

*quickly jumps behind one and digs both claws into its body, then removes them*

*dies quickly*

*three more pop out*

They keep on coming! *slashes one*


*they continue to come out*

*slashes at more of them* What if we destroy the meteor?

*burns some* But that meteor is needed to study.

*punches some before freezing them* It won't matter much if there isn't anybody there to study them.

*jumps high up with his sword pointed down, stabbing his sword into one* Yes, destroy the meteor.

How? *continues slashing away*

I'll give it a shot. *runs towards the meteor and starts to slash away at it* It's too strong.

*the monsters continue to spawn*

This is like a bad level of Gauntlet. *fights still*

Damn. What are we going to do?

*flies out of the meteor* Hahahahaha!

What the hell?

What is that thing?

Does it matter?

What are we going to do?

Kill it of course.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - High Tension Wire)