*flies high above everybody* Welcome to your doom. I am Doom Gaze.

*looks above* Oh crap.

Perhaps some magic would help?

No problem. *fires a blast of dark magic at the group*

*all dive in different directions*

*the magic leaves a large divot in the ground*

Well, at least the monsters stopped spawning.

Oh... sorry. Almost forgot. *whistles*

*more monsters come out*

Thanks alot Angela. *starts slashing at the monsters*

*brings hands forward* Mirror Field! *punches fist into ground*

*a glassy fog engulfs them*

Dark Beam! *fires some more dark magic at the group*

*the magic reflects back to him*

*is hit by the magic* Gah! Why you little...

Well, that was our shot. Time to split.

Kyra. *slashes away at monsters*

What now?

Did dad teach you any magic? *continues to fight*

No... why?

Damn, I was hoping he did.

Well don't look at me. My father showed me everything but I can't cast it, being only half Orakian, and the other half is a non-spellcasting half.

I'm only a quarter Orakian, so it doesn't help either.

Do I have to do everything myself? *points hand at Doom Gaze* Torrent! *a large wave of water shoots up from the ground and hits Doom Gaze*

Grrrrr. Silly girl. *looks at Mire closely* It's You!

Why won't you die already? *glows a faint white* Mortuis Reposo!

*without even blinking, is sapped of all his life and falls to the ground, dead*

*the monsters retreat as the meteor disintergrates*

*eyes bug out*


*falls to one knee* Did we do it?

What was that?

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(Final Fantasy VI - Decisive Battle Remix)