*walks to the group* I knew this was trouble. Took me long enough to get Jema to watch Leene for a bit.


Uh oh. *puts sword away*

I thought I saw my sword missing. Rhys, you are in big trouble.

What did I do?

You came here. This place is too dangerous for you!

C'mon dad. You were younger than me when you were fighting tougher monsters.

I was also trained more highly than you.

Well maybe if you didn't sit on your butt all day and do something with me I'd have better training!

*eyes bug out*

*gets closer to Rhys* You wanna say that to me one more time boy?

*silent, but then loud* YES! GET UP OFF YOUR BUTT AND TRAIN ME!

*taken back* ... no.

Why not?

I promised your mother that I wouldn't train you. She didn't want the same life for you that I had.

*looks at Orakio* I didn't believe it.

*to Angela* Stay out of this!

Daddy said that you had grown weak, but I didn't believe that the mighty Orakio could ever lose his touch.


You're just a shell of the man you once were.

*hangs head* *sighs and walks off*


*ignores her and continues toward Mt. Katahdin*

Looks like he's not going to train you, Rhys.

Fine then. *yells loudly* I don't need you!

What are you going to do?

I'm going to do what I should have done. I'm going to Lorath to join up with the Knights. They will train me.

*loudly* Dammit!


I was going to Lorath to see Stare.

That is how we ran into you.

*to Angela* That was pretty harsh of you.

I know, but uncle Orakio is not the same man he was. He blames himself for not protecting aunt Leene from the illness. He hasn't been the same since. Daddy says that he's lost his power.


Her father is Rulakir.

THE Rulakir? Brother to the hero Orakio? *pauses* wait a second... That was THE Orakio?

I thought I told you.

Well, yeah... but I never thought to put two and two together.


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