*a bit later, everybody near Lorath, walking towards the town*

Guys, I'm worried about dad.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

I'll return to Kennebec if you want and look for him.

Don't bother William.

Why not?

He's right. Don't bother.

You can't ask me to betray my uncle, can you?

Nobody is asking you to betray him...

I think he just needs time.

Lorath is straight ahead.

It's getting late too.

Did anybody remember to bring money? We might need some for an inn.

... crap.

*standing guard at the gate* Stupid guard duty. I am a Knight not a guard.

*looks at the gate* Is that?

*unsheathes sword* Halt! Who goes... *looks at Kyra* Kyra?


Holy cow Kyra, what are you doing here? *hugs her*

*hugs* I came to see you.

You shouldn't have come. It's dangerous in this world lately.

It's not like she was alone.

Welcome William. You look like you've improved.

*shys away* Not really.

I know I have.

I'm sure you have Angela. *looks at Rhys* Well Shorty, it seems you made it here.

I knew I didn't like you for a reason.

You two don't get along?

We get along fine, I just tease him alot.

Stare, what are you doing here on guard duty?

We're on heightened alert ever since the Meteor hit.

Yeah, we defeated whatever was in that thing.

Who are we talking about "we"?

You defeated it? Come in, we must tell King Sandor.

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(Breath of Fire IV - Wyndia)