*in the throne room*

Ah... children of my friend. Welcome to Lorath. I have heard of your battle. You must be tired.

Very, your highness.

Please, I hate formalities.

Lord Sandor, do you really think that the threat is over?

What I think is that this is just the beginning, young Stare.

What makes you think that?

It has been prophesized. The Prophet Nokrast has told us himself.

*standing beside Sandor*

*whispers to Sandor* Please my lord, I don't trust this man. He preaches a dark omen.

Stare, I appreciate your concern, but I trust him.

Lord Sandor, I know this isn't the best time, but I came here to ask if I may join the Knights of Lorath.

Ah, you wish to become a mighty warrior like father, do you not?

No, I wish to become better.

Young Rhys, I do believe you possess power like your father's, but you do not have the fighting edge that your father had. He had a natural talent.

You also trained him from a young age. He refused to train me.

He refused?

*unsheathes sword* I had to steal this from him just to fight.

*quietly stares at the sword from behind his cloak*

Ah, I see you have the Nightshadow Blade. That sword is very valuable you know. So he refused to train you?

Said he didn't want me to live the life he did.

As much as I would like to train you Rhys, I cannot do so.

*puts sword away* Why not?

I'm too old to train anymore. My knights are young and inexperienced in battle. I fear they may fall easily.

I hear you only train them in the art of sword? Ever try horseback and pikes?

Alas, horses are rare these days as motor vehicles have replaced them. Pikes are equally as useless.

What about magic?

... again, that is the prophecy I've heard. *looks at Nokrast* Please, tell them the prophecy.

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(Sword of Vermilion - Castle)