*the room goes dark*

The age of darkness is upon us. The meteors that hail from the sky are controlled by not your average magic user, but by thieves who stole secrets to magic. The meteors will come, and what was dead will be revived, and what is long gone will return.

Thieves who stole secrets?

This sounds familiar.

*rolls eyes* Please, this is nothing but a phony prophecy.

When the dead revives, two spirits will follow in their return. Gods they once were, awaken once again.

Two gods?

And the thieves will kidnap the Dark Princess as a sacrifice to these Gods, and in their wake, revive the Queen of the Night.

Queen of the Night?

And finally, the thieves will scatter into 6 groups, and will return to the land of the intense heat when they have what they want. It is there that the end will draw. It is there that this world will be destroyed.

Land of intense heat?

Don't believe it. Do you really believe this about the dead being reborn, Two so-called "Gods" returning to a world that doesn't worship them. A Dark Princess, and a Queen of the Night? You really think this world will be destroyed?

Dad said that these meteors were bad news.

Stare... we must guard the Fireheart Saber with all our might. And Rhys, you must not let the Nightshadow Blade out of your hands. I have sent word to Oasis, Skyhaven, Excalibria, and Vilanto to guard their blades. If what Orakio told me 20 years is correct when he entrusted me with the Fireheart, a terrible calamity will come if these swords were to reunite.

Why don't we destroy them then?

There is no way to destroy them that I am aware of.

Perhaps dad knows of something?

But he was headed for Mt. Katahdin.

The only way to destroy the swords is to destroy the heart of the one sealed.

Then we will have to keep the seal safe then.

Yes. Young Stare, you must lead defense against the...

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(Sword of Vermilion - Opening)