*voice* Magic Jammer!

*a card hits the Black Energy Wave, which disappears, leaving Rhys unharmed*

What the?

*stands at the entrance* Now cousin, you didn't think you'd leave me all alone now did you?


Another pest?

*holds another 4 cards in her hand* What will it be, Duece?

Caitlyn... so good to see you again.

Save it buster. Think you're gonna harm my family?

*puts his two cards away* I don't think these will help me, but when we next meet, I will be prepared.

*looks at Caitlyn, then at Rhys, then at Angela* We will meet again, boy.

Where do you two think you are going?

*smiles* Master... I hear the water is pretty rough these days. *runs off with Jack*

*looks over at Sandor's body* I guess I can kill another one soon. See ya! *disappears*

Damn! They got away!

*runs over to Sandor* Lord Sandor!

Caitlyn... what are you doing here? How did you find us?

Stare's father is more of a genius then we think. You see, Version 3 of the cards came with a tracking card. One of the five cards that Duece had was the Trackball Card.

It's no use... Lord Sandor is dead.

Damn. What was it that Duece said about the water though?

The water is rough?

Does he mean the Oceansoul Scimitar?

That's in Oasis.

We have no time to waste then. We must head to Oasis!


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