*hangs head still* Am... am I really?

Mire? Are you ok?

Did I really cause all this?

You did nothing wrong Mire. He's just trying to plant thoughts into your head.

But... I was an orphan for many years. There is no record of my parents. One of the nuns claimed to have found me in a flower garden.


All the pain that Erim caused in the past. Reviving the evil over and over again. *thinks* Hell my name spelt backwards is Erim.

Hmmm... Erim did have great powers...

So do you Mire.

But... Erim was evil.

*puts sword away* It doesn't matter who you were, it matters who you are now. And frankly, I'm not letting anybody hurt you.


Even if you were Erim, so what? Do I care? No. To me, you are and always were Mire.

Rhys... thank you.

But... who are those thieves?

Oh, I can explain that to a certain point. The Black Card Thieves are orphans themselves who never found a home. Duece used to be a good kid. He's about my age and we always did things together. We played cards a lot too, but then one day, he met up with Jack Diamond. Jack was one of Ace's cronies.

Does it make sense that they all have card names?

Who are the other members?

I don't know.

Mommy told me that there are 6 members now with the addition of Duece. There is Ace Blade, The King and Queen of Hearts, Jack Diamond, Duece Wilde... and if I remember correctly, Duece's older brother, whom everyone refers to as Joker Wilde.

And these thieves are working under Tsarkon?

Then Tsarkon can get the Gods revived?

He needs the Dark Princess to revive them, right?

Or was that to revive the Queen of the Night?

*with eyes closed* Tsarkon... he needs two human sacrifices to bring back the Gods... Preferably of Royalty.

... and he already has one! Lord Sandor.

And if he's going to Oasis next?

King Ali?!

We have to get to Oasis, and fast!

But Oasis is a long ways away.

Not if we take the underground tunnel.

What's that?

It is a warp that takes us to other castles in this world. *looks around the throne* Ah, here it is. *pulls a lever, which reveals a door to a dark basement*


We have to be careful though. The tunnel used to be a burial ground for ancient kings before it became a warp.

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(Lufia and the Fortress of Doom - A Tragedy)