*inside Oasis*

You again!

King Ali. Why do you resist us?

You are a fool to even try.

Even you alone are no match...

For the Black Card Thieves.

Maybe not... but as long as Orakio trusts me with the Oceansoul, you will not defeat me.

Ace... do you think you can take him? He does have the Gold Armlet still.

Come now. Since when will that stop me?

*opens the door* Damn, we're late.

You again!

Just as we expected Ace.

They came.

And you are too late! As soon as Ali is dead, the Gods will revive! Then, the Winddance Rapier, the Earthbound Sword, and the Holy Arm will easily be mine.

I'm not dying that easily.

We defeated all of your men. You really think you alone can defeat us?

Mighty Dragon Knights couldn't save their king?

Ali! We have to get out of here now!

But I can't leave my castle.

We have to regroup!

Nobody is going anywhere! *looks at Ali* I have the power now. Thieves, stand aside.

Yes Master.

I don't like this at all.

Everybody, get back.

*speaks an ancient tongue* *starts to glow black*

*looks in dispair* No...

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(Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Agatio and Krast Encounter)