Hahahahahahaha! The power is back!

Oh boy. That sucka's big.

We have to defeat it. Else he will destroy everything.

He won't destroy everything if you're alive. We have to get out of here.

He won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Oh Ali... I've been meaning to give you something. *fires a huge blast of fire from his mouth*

*jumps backwards to avoid it*

*draws sword* Now we fight.

Yeah... let's do it!

Are you all crazy?!

Tsarkon's gonna crush us!

If Orakio could do it when he was 16, I'm sure we can.

Orakio? God I hate that boy. I nearly had the world until he got involved. His brother on the other hand though...

Don't you dare speak ill of my father! *charges at him*

*slaps her away with his head* Foolish girl

*hit against a wall, knocked out*

He's too big.

And he has the power of the Fireheart.

Yeah, but we have the Oceansoul and the Nightshadow.

Doesn't matter. I'm all we need. *runs at Tsarkon, sword glows white* Climhazard! *attempts to stab Tsarkon*

I don't think so! *bats Stare away*

*flies towards a wall, hitting it* Owwww... *falls unconcious*

Odds still not in our favor.

*throws a card at Tsarkon* Orakian Bomb!

*the card hits Tsarkon and explodes with a deadly force* Ugh!... *still standing* Not that blasted thing.

Ok... the one move that history said that defeated Tsarkon and it didn't work.

*readies arms* Tandle! *throws up arms, a bolt of lightning strikes Tsarkon*

*is hit but uneffected* You kids think this is fun? Have a load of this. *fires another massive fireball at Ali from one head, then another from the other head*

*jumps high up to avoid the first one, then gets hit by the second* Gah! *falls to the ground*


*hands Stare the sword and the Gold Armlet* Get out of here... the world is in danger... *dies*


Ali! Answer us!

It's no use, he's dead.

If you're really Erim, you could just revive him.

Yes... I wondered that myself. If I am Erim, then how come I can't revive anybody?

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(Final Fantasy IV - Dreadful Battle)