It has been done. Arise, Non-Entity! *a dark cloud forms*

*appears from the Dark Cloud* Aaaaaaaaah. Good to see young Orakian Blood.


Arise, Dark Entity! *another dark smoke appears*

*appears from the Smoke* Hahahahahahahaha!

This is not good.

Now will you listen? We have to get out of here!

Yes... come on, let's go!

*reachs for Mire and grabs her*

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! Rhys!

Mire! *tries to reach for her*

We finally have the Dark Princess!

The Queen of the Night shall be revived at last!

Then let us go to the meeting site to perform the ritual.

You're not going anywhere! *jumps high up into the air and slashes the hand of the Dark Entity*

*a drop of blood comes out* Odd... I didn't know Gods could bleed. *kicks Rhys*

*flies backwards, bumping into William*


It's too late Erim. Your little boy cannot harm us. Now, nothing will stop us! *is hit by a massive ball of fire* Ow!... what the hell?

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(Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad)