Seems you haven't lost your step at all, Tsarkon.


You! Damn you Orakio.

Don't forget to include his ever handsome twin brother.


Hey sugar. Daddy's here to save the day.

Oh goody. Orakian Blood... just like the old days.

Not when hot momma is right behind

*enters behind Rulakir* Speaking of the old days...

Doesn't seem the same without family.

Father! Mother!

Father and son... the way my King wanted it.

For King Ali! *raises sword*

And for the world.

For peace!

Mommy? Daddy?

Well well well... what a happy reunion.

Face it Dark Entity... you don't stand a chance.

*limps in slowly* Not when family is here...

Dad? How did you get here?

Meet my latest creation.

Greetings... I am Cormorant, Cast-type being based off the Wren-type Cyborg.


Now we're ready to fight.

Not yet... the time is not now. *disappears*

When the Queen of the Night revives, then we shall be at full strength. *disappears*

If you think you can handle us... you know where to find us... don't you, Orakio? *disappears with Mire*

*smiles* Bye bye! *runs off*

Damn! They got away!

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(Final Fantasy X - Seymore Battle)