*stands at one end, looking at the children*

*stands at the other side, looking at the parents*

I didn't think it would be this soon.

We had neglected to destroy the Erim Seed.

More like we neglected to find it.

Where exactly are they headed?

Mt. Katahdin. That is where I sealed Lord Rulakir 20 years ago.

They need the other three blades though.

Rhys... I kept that sword so that this wouldn't happen. You almost lost it.

*hangs head* Sorry dad.

*smiles* But you also guarded it well. As long as we can hang onto that one, Lord Rulakir will not be revived.

We have to stop the Queen of the Night though.

They cannot complete the ritual without the Star of Algo there. You see, Erim, or Mire, is not the Dark Princess they seek. You see, Mire's birth just set off Tsarkon's revival. Mire may be Erim, but what choices this new Erim has lead is what she will feel. According to legend, she shouldn't have many if any memories of her past.

The seed was planted so that trouble could start to brew again.

Then we have to rescue her!

But how?

The three of them will torture her until she remembers how to revive people... but I don't think she will remember. They will probably kill her when it's over.

Or else use her as bait. They know that Rhys has the Nightshadow.


So we need to find the Star of Algo before they do?

But we also need to get the Winddance, the Holy Arm, and the Earthbound.

I'm guessing that the Black Cards will be going after the swords.

So then we need to split up. Four groups perhaps?

There are 15 of us if we include Cormorant.

I will go alone as one group.

Say what?

I can get to the Holy Arm by myself.

You forget that the thieves will be there as well... and that you're 41 years old!

So am I? Got a problem with it?

Four groups might be too many. What if Tsarkon or the others follow the thieves?

Good point.

Three groups then. Rhys, Kyra, Stare, Zak, and Cormorant... you make up one.

Roger that.

Rulakir, Jema, Angela, Orakio, and I will count as one.

You gonna be ok?

Yes Crys. You, Crystal, Arik, William, and Caitlyn will make up the last team.

We're going after the Star of Algo.

Rhys' group can go after the Winddance, and Crys' group can go after the Earthbound.

Yes... sounds alright.

Then we will all meet and go to Katahdin where the Holy Arm awaits.

Let's do it!

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