*following Rhys' group*

So exactly where is Vilanto anyway?

It's on the other side of the ocean.

There's another side of the ocean?

Oh yeah, a whole 'nother world.

Lord Sandor told me about it once. I heard it was in civil war.

*flying, carrying everybody* Correction, the lands across the ocean have been at peace for over a year now. Vilanto is where President Spencer resides.

We should be able to just get in and out. I know the Prez.

The Winddance it's called? Who named these swords?

Your father. Each after an element.

So, tell me about your cards.

Ah, I see that Caitlyn has shown them to you.

*rolls eyes* Her and Duece.

Ah yes, Duece borrowed them a while back. Said lately that he stole them but then again, he'd say that just to get in that group. I didn't mind that he used them, since him and Caitlyn were trained highly in them.

You let him have them?

Yeah. You see, I made version 3 a bit different so that children could play the game. I made the cards in English instead of Orakian (or Oraklish for version 2, which was a bomb). The first version I destroyed because anybody who just read the text could cast the magic... that and Orakio always made fun of my lack of the Ancient Orakian language. The 2nd version was just as bad. However, the 3rd version of my cards are non-deadly unless you are trained to unlock the magic. I've trained only two and have given them both the Magical Seal of the Cards. Without that seal, the cards are just paper and ink.

So only Duece and Caitlyn can use them?

As magic, yes. Children play the game a lot. How do you think I made enough money to build Cormorant?

What happened to Wren anyway?

Wren's services were no longer required.

Ah yes. You see, Wren sorta malfunctioned after he returned to the Air Castle the day of the Seal. He started acting weird, so I shut him down. I used the information stored in his hard drive and transferred it to Cormorant while giving him a new personality.

So what different is he than Wren?

He is made entirely of Laconia. Even his cannon fires Laconian beams.

Wow... you really harnessed the power of Laconia.

My old friend Starbird, *lower voice* God rest his soul *normal voice* helped me. In fact, he said that if the Gods were to be revived, that Cormorant would be a big help.

Caitlyn used a card called the Orakian Bomb on Tsarkon. What exactly is it?

Your father told me that when he defeated Tsarkon, he used a move called the Orakian Bomb. It was a self sacrificing skill that would destroy both the caster and the target. Orakio donated some of his blood for the magic of some of the more common Orakian spells, like Megid, Tandle, Legeon, and Orakian Bomb. I have many other spells, and even counter spells.

Yeah, I meant to ask about that. Caitlyn saved me from the Black Energy Wave with a card called Magic Jammer?

Yeah. It is the only card that can cancel other card magic. It won't work on real magic. I made defensive cards as well that work well, like Deban. I even made one called Magic Barrier, which legend says that only Zio could use. I made only ONE of these cards. *opens his pocket and takes out a deck of cards* Which I myself keep with me. All the really best cards I keep with me. Caitlyn and Duece are not strong enough for them.

Neither are you.

Shut up and fly.

You should have seen it. Zak's limp was caused by one of his cards. While training Caitlyn and Duece, he drew the card and used it. He called it "Bone Crusher".

What happened?

They don't need to know Cormorant.

Caitlyn countered it with Magic Mirror, another card that only has one copy in the world. Magic Mirror reflects any spell back at the caster with 100% hit rate. No dodging, no negating, and no barrier can protect it.

A mistake I made in making the card.

What happens to these cards once they are used?

As magic, they are gone forever. However, before you ask, yes, I did give Caitlyn another Magic Mirror card. Whether she has it with her or not is another thing.

So with these cards, anybody can cast limitless magic spells?

No, and trust me I thought this out long ago. If somebody were to get ahold of all my cards, it could really cause some chaos. So I made a limit of 40 cards a week a person can cast. This way, if some evil ruler relies on the cards and uses them up foolishly, a hero can step in while he is depleted and overcome it. The seals keep track of weekly totals.

Sounds like you have it all figured out.

Vilanto straight ahead.

Excellent. Let's go see Spencer.

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