*inside Spencer's Palace*

President Spencer...

Zak you fiend! You dare to come to my palace after 20 years of not calling?

Sorry, I've been busy.

That no excuse! You coward! Not accept my challenge.

*looks at each other*

Sorry Spencer...

No sorry, you fight me now! *readies self*

Um... Spencer, I can't fight anymore.

*lowers guard* Coward. You could have fought me when younger. But now you weak.

Don't you dare talk to my father like that.

Oh? Little boy want to become big man?

Stare, never mind him. He doesn't seem like he can help us anyway.

I no help cowards.

*turns towards the door* It's not like Vilanto is in any danger from the Dark Entity.

*whisper* What are you doing?

*play along*

Hold it! You say Dark Entity?

Um... no... bye now.

Wait wait wait. The Dark Entity? You foolin' me? If you are I be mad!

The Dark Entity has returned, yes, I will give you that. But he is not alone.

Not alone?

But it seems you are alone.

Why you say that?

You see, your allies, Sandor and Ali... well, they're both... how do you say... DEAD.

Sandor and Ali dead? Impossible.

They're both dead. I saw both die before my very eyes.

And you still alive? You big man for not being broke. Strong man, become King someday.

Or president?

No no. Not president. Only I be that. *looks at Zak* What can I do?

We need the Winddance.

Not the Winddance! That sword be entrusted to me father then to me.

The Winddance must be kept secure. Thieves are on their way as we speak to steal it. They already have the Fireheart.

Lucky we have the Nightshadow and the Oceansoul.

If Winddance gone from palace, then Vilanto suffer big. No wind mean no ships sail.

The wind will still be there if we have the Winddance.

I say no! You still cowards. You one of them aren't you?

No! Why would you think that? We grew up together man?

No matter. You ran from me. You never brought in baby for me to see.

I'm right in front of you.

Baby make me happy. You make me want to burn eyes out.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Fabul)