*just then, an explosion*

See! You bring trouble already!

*walks in through the hole in the wall* It seems we made it just in time, eh my Queen?

*follows Ace* Yes. The Winddance is near.

I told you it would be.

*draws sword* What do you think you're doing here?

And the Nightshadow as well? My my.

Be careful. We've already failed twice to get the Nightshadow.

Master Tsarkon said nothing about the Nightshadow. I'm just here for the Winddance.

You won't even get that! *charges at the Queen*

*runs and tackles Rhys from the side*

*crashes to the ground*

Anybody else gonna try to attack me?

You coward... just like Zak. Prepare to die! *jumps forward with a leg in front for a airbound kick*

*grabs the foot of Spencer* Now now now. It's not nice to attack a Queen. *drives her elbow into his leg,cracking it*

Ow ow ow ow! My leg be broken!

The Winddance should be easy now.

Not if I can help it! *fires a shot at Ace*

*is hit by the shot and falls down* Ugh. Damned Android. *gets up*

Jack... stop playing with that boy and get the Winddance. It's above the throne!

Yes my Queen. *gets up off of Rhys and runs towards the sword with lightning fast speed*

*throws a card at Jack* Gravity Bind!

*is hit by the card and stops where he is* I can't... move...

*runs after the sword*

*runs after the sword*

Joker! I thought I told you to get the Earthbound.

*grabs the sword before Kyra* The Earthbound is safe. The King and Duece are on their way. Duece has a score to settle with the card girl.

*tries to cast a spell on Joker* Tan...

No! *hits Kyra with a bolt of lightning before she can even mutter the words*

*falls down* Ooof!

*gets up* Why you little! *runs after him*

Rhys, wait!

*disappears with the sword*

*slashes into thin air* Wha?

We got what we wanted. See you all at Skyhaven. C'mon boys! *runs with the rest of the thieves*

Dammit! They got away again!

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