*in the ruined city of Excalibria*

So where is this Earthbound suppose to be?

I thought that this was a kingdom at one time.

Was it recently destroyed?

I don't believe so.

Tsarkon destroyed it long ago. At least that's what mommy tells me.

So why is the Earthbound here then?

Beats me.

*looks ahead* Don't look now... but we have company.

*continues to walk foward* Company, eh?

Duece, I command you to return to the hideout with me.

Sorry your Majesty. This is personal now. *looks at Caitlyn* You want this? *pulls out the Earthbound*

Where did you find it?

In the ruined castle, above the throne. Where else would it be?

Well, if you're not going to return, then I'm just going to leave without you. *walks off*

Stop him! *starts to chase after the King*

*stands in the way* Not so fast.

What do you want?

Caitlyn... the last time we battled you emerged victorious. Now, it is my turn to return the favor. If you beat me, the Earthbound is your's. If you lose... well, then you die. Ha!

Doll... don't do it!

*stares at Duece* You think you can take me on?

*stands across from her* Oh I know I can. But just to make sure nobody else interferes. *throws a card on the ground, which explodes*

*many appear and start to attack William, Crys, Crystal, and Arik*

*readies his sword* Here we go.

To the end! *attacks the bears*

Let's do it son! *casts magic on the bears*

*jumps high in the air and lands on one of the bears, spear in its head*

*continue to spawn from the ground*

There is no way to stop it. The bears will continue to spawn until I tell them to stop. *looks at Caitlyn* So I suggest you finish me off quick. Else your family could wind up hurt... or dead.

*stares at Duece, then readies her deck* This time I won't be so easy on you.

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(Castlevania: Dracula X - Bloody Tears)