We trained together... and now, I will imerge as the true Master of the Cards.

Think again Duece.

*draws 5 cards*

*draws 5 cards*

*picks one card from the 5 and places it in his hand* Yes... I think this one will do.

*picks one card from the 5 and places it in her hand* We'll see.

*throws the card* Megid! *the card bursts into flames*

*throws the card* Legeon! *the card turns into ice*

*the two cards hit, cancelling each other out*

*picks another card*

*picks another card* Didn't work did it?

Don't need it to. *throws the card at Caitlyn* Anothergate! *the card turns into a black hole, which begins to suck things into it*

*throws a card at the hole* Reverse Hole! *the card falls into the hole, which then closes the hole*

Grrrr... how did you know I'd play that?

Lucky guess. *picks another card* Are you done yet?

*picks another card* Not yet. *throws the card at her* Gravity Bind!

*throws the card on the ground* Deban! *a shield comes up in front of Caitlyn as Duece's card hits it, which cancels the card out*

You and your defensive moves. Always played defensively.

Are you done yet?

Yes, go ahead. *draws two cards*

*draws two cards* Well your turn is over. Let's see how defensively you play. *picks a card*

*picks a card* Let's see then.

*throws the card at Duece* Sleepel! *the card turns into a gas and heads towards Duece*

*throws the card* Filtrate! *the card hits the gas, which causes the gas to disappear*

*picks a card*

*picks a card*

Take this... *throws the card* Firecracker! *the card goes straight up into the air and explodes into a fireworks display*

*throws a card* Huh? What was the point in that?

*catches the card thrown* That was the point. You just gave me a card.

What the hell? You tricked me!

You know the rules. If you don't call the name of the card before it gets to me, I get to keep it.

*thinks* Damn... that was a good defensive card too. It would have saved me the rest of the turn.

*picks a card* I got one more for you.

*look at his cards* *thinks* I only have two offensive ones.

Gonna pick one?

I can't.

Sucks to be you then. *throws the card* Meteor Smash! *the card disappears, then many comets fall from the sky, each hitting Duece*

*is hit by each one of them* *falls to the ground* Ugh... *drops his cards*


That's my girl! Way to go!

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(Chrono Trigger - Ocean Palace)