*walks over to Duece* Duece?

*gets to his knees, bleeding heavily* Caitlyn...

Let me help you. *holds a card in her hand*

No... Let me die this way.


I'm... sorry I betrayed you. I... just wanted to be accepted.

What are you talking about. I accepted you. So did Zak.

But... I wanted to be a part of something. The Thieves... they were there.

They taught you how to steal for the sake of evil?

They told me... that Tsarkon would rid the world of evil... that happiness would finally be ours.

Didn't you ever read History?

... you know I always skipped that class.

Tsarkon tried to desroy this world long ago.

Caitlyn... does any of that matter now?

Duece... please, let me help you.

No... I must... the thieves must know I died with honor.

What honor? This is no way to die.

*hands Caitlyn a card* Please take this card. I stole it from Zak's card vault one day... I never got to draw it.

*grabs the card and read* Heart of Unity?

The thieves... they laughed at the idea of Card Magic... all except Jack. Heart of Unity is a powerful card that Zak told me about long ago. It's a card that... gathers all the energy of your allies, your friends, and your family... and converts it to either protective or destructive energy... depending on the wishes of the caster. The stronger the spirits of the friends... the more powerful the card.


*rolls on his back, grasping his cards in his hands over his chest* How... do I look?

*starts to cry* Like a true warrior... just like you always wanted to be.

Then... I will die a warrior's death. Take the Earthbound... and thank you for being a friend... even though I was not a good one back. *closes eyes and dies*

Duece? *cries* DUECE!


*kneels at Duece's body* Please... don't die on me Duece...

Doll... *puts hand on her shoulder* Everything will be alright... Duece is looking after you now.

*grabs the Earthbound*... Dammit... *punches Duece's body while crying*

In the end... even thieves have honor.

Come on... we have to get to Skyhaven...

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(Final Fantasy IV - Cry in Sorrow)