*somewhere else in the world*

*walking through the hallways of some building* Ok... why are we here?

Yes... please tell us Jema.

It's simple. We're here to get the Dezorian Diamond and Rykros Crystal.

Why though?

That's easy as well... We're gonna revive the Star of Algo.

But won't that reawaken the Queen of the Night?

Not if we have it in our hands. We can use the power of the Star to stop Tsarkon and the Gods once and for all.

But what exactly is this place?

This is the Esper Mansion... well, the ruins of it anyway. Here is where the Dezorian Diamond rests. You see, I was created by the Motavian Ruby, and recieved the powers of the Palman Sapphire... with the last two pieces, I can return the star to its original state.

It seems too quiet in here.

One thing still has me baffled though.

What's that sugar?

How did you and Uncle Orakio get your hair so red?

Well, after Orakio's sad goodbye from your last meeting...


He came to me... we trained, knowing the world would need us again. We got our Super Orakian powers back... but that's about as far as we can go.

Ok... forget I asked.

Speaking of being baffled... I'm wondering how we just now found out about the location of the two remaining jewels just now?



Yeah... You'd be surprised how many people know about this place. I send a mass email to everybody and I get replies. Some say "Go to hell", others say "Die, Jema, Die"... but only one said "I wish the Esper Mansion would drop on you".

... so... yeah... right...

*looks ahead and points, poking Orakio in the eye* Look ahead!

Ow! *rubs eye* What was that for?

The chamber of Lutz is right ahead. Let's go!

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(Phantasy Star II - Violation)