*Inside Lutz's chamber*


... RUNE?!

The Lutz you seek is not available anymore... So please leave your name, number, birthday, dress size, address, a lock of hair, a toothbrush, and a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. *beeps and disappears*

It's a hologram?

It's a friggin' answering machine.

Well what are we suppose to do then?

It must be really hidden.

The Diamond is in here somewhere.

*looks at the hologram machine*... Rune...

Will you knock it off and start looking for the Diamond?

Hmmmm... *presses a button marked play*

*appears back on the hologram* Is this thing on? Okay. Orakio, I know that you have come here... don't ask me how I know, because I really am just guessing. I'm also guessing that you're an old man and evil is trying to plague the world again, so you need your kids help to do so. Very well. If it is the Star of Algo you seek, then all you have to do is find me. Find me and I will gladly give it to you. *beeps and disappears*

He knew you were coming?

Where are we suppose to find him?

... under the rubble of the old Control Headquarters. It's gonna be damned near impossible to find it.

He said that he had the star... did he mean the entire star?

*looks at the panel again* There's more? *pushes the play button*

*appears on the hologram again* Hello? Is this on? Orakio... I know I told you that I have the star, and I did... but... well... I broke it up into four pieces. However, the Motavian Ruby was lost in the process *eyes shift* oh well. The Palman Sapphire is atop of Baya Malay. The Rykros Crystal I left in the Air Castle... and the Dezorian Diamond I kept with me for safe keeping. Hope this helps. *beeps and disappears*

Not really Rune! It would have been easier if you just had the whole thing. Now I gotta search TWO ruins of massive buildings. I might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack.

The Air Castle Ruins?

Yes... that's one stop.


What's wrong?

The Black Cards... they excavated it and made it their hideout. I remember reading about it in "Thieves Weekly" magazine.

How did they excavate it?

I don't know... but we have to go to the Control Ruins first.

Does anybody consider this little bit nothing but coincidence?

Who cares? Luck is luck.

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(Megaman III - Magnet Man Piano)