*at the Old Control Ruins*

... Here it is.

Hard to believe it's been so long.

Look at this mess. It's been untouched for all this time.

How are we suppose to find the Diamond?

Rune said he had it with him? Are you sure that it was with him when he died?

I don't know. I wasn't here at the time. Too bad the Chief is dead... he'd know.

Wasn't Rune one of the great inventors?

The greatest... he invented Flubber.

Flubber? What's that?

Well, he didn't invent it... but he sure used it a lot.

Yeah... that baseball did a number on me. If it wasn't for Vegeta blowing up the HQ, it would still be hitting me.

How are we going to get in here though?

*looks around* Uh... Orakio... you'd better come see this...

*walks over towards Jema* What is it?

*points at a hole in the ruins* It looks fresh. Has somebody already been here?

I don't know.

That is an awful small hole.

Let me go in. *crawls into the hole*

You gonna be ok?


Give her a minute.

*an hour later*

*crawls back out, covered in dust and dirt* Well, whoever dug this whole knew what they were doing. I did find a note however. *opens the note*

*takes it from Jaymi* Hmmmm... "Ha ha ha, you fools are slow. We now have half of the Star of Algo. Bring the other half to Mt. Katahdin if you wish to see Mire alive. Signed ~ King of Hearts" Dammit!

Vile fiends!

We have to hurry to Mt. Katahdin.

What about the Holy Arm?

... Dammit. Well, let's go to Skyhaven then. We'll meet everybody up there.

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(Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Termina Field Remix)