*at Skyhaven, trouble brews*

*throws bombs here and there* Where is the Holy Arm!

We have to find the Councel of Skyhaven first!

Well then I suggest you get to it.

Right on it my lord! *runs off looking for the councel*

*arrives* Dammit... we're too late.

The thieves are already here

Looks like we have company my lord.

It's them! The have the Earthbound as well!

*draws his sword* You thieves don't stand a chance.

*charges up some magic in her hand*

*readies a card while holding the Earthbound* This is for what you did to Duece!

You think you can win in a fair fight against us? The most elite thieving group known to man.

*walks in* Maybe not a fair fight... but when we have the numbers advantage, I'm sure we can win.

*follows Rhys* We're taking those swords now.

*follows Kyra* To prevent the release of the evil that will destroy this world.

*follows Zak* To regain peace on this planet again.

*follows Stare* Beep beep bloop.

*looks at Cormorant* *kicks him*

*bloops turn to words* All your base are belong to us.

... I guess that's better than nothing.

*returns* My Lord... the councel is nowhere to be seen! *looks at the party* Oh crap. What do we do now?

I must admit... the numbers are a little against us right now.

*enters* A little?

*enters behind Jema* Seems like a lot.

*enters behind Angela* Seems thieves never learn.

*enters behind Jaymi* Or never fight.

*enters behind Orakio* Face it... 15 on 5 isn't exactly in your favor.

*surrounded with no escape* Oh crap.

I believe you have the Dezorian Diamond and the Rykros Crystal?

We also have the Fireheart and the Winddance.

*slaps Jack* Shut up fool!

Why do you worry? Tsarkon will save us.

He's focusing his energy on the ritual to bring back the Queen of the Night you dolt! We're alone here.

*points his sword at the King's throat* Now... hand everything over.

*appears and points a sword at Orakio's spine* On the contrary... you hand everything over.

*smiles* So the Dark Princess has been found afterall.


*looks at Rhys* Grow up Rhys. *looks back at Orakio* Well well well... it seems the tides have turned now.

Hands off him!

So... you can do one of two things. You can keep the swords and the gems for yourself and lose the life of your hero... or give them to me and he lives. It's your choice.

*lowers his sword and turns around to face Mire* Even if you were to kill me, you will not get the swords. I devoted my life to keeping that seal in tact... You will not have it. *raises his sword to meet Mire's* I lost a lot in my days of fighting to make your young eyes shed more tears then there are rain drops in the sky. I've fought to save this world... and I will fight you if I have to.

Dad, no!

I'm sorry Rhys... but this is how it is.

*lowers her sword* Wow... I never knew... *hangs head*

We have to save this world together... Tsarkon will only destroy it with the Entities, the Queen of the Night, and Rulakir. All of them together will not stop at this world, but will go until the universe is their's.

*hanging head still* Well in that case... *grins and lifts head, starts to glow white* MORTIUS REPOSO!!!

*eyes widen, gasping for air* Leene... *falls to the ground* Forgive me... *closes eyes and dies*

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(Langrisser II - Dark Princess)