Daddy! *runs to his side*



*holds up her hands towards Rhys* Stay where you are or you're next.

*starts to cry* How... how could you do this to him? Why did you do this Mire?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!??

*stand there shocked* Is this truly the cost of peace...

What have we done?

*enters, holding the Holy Arm* I feel... the pain of many people in this room.

The final sword. All six have finally gathered in one place.

*looks at Mire* A person of darkness is not welcome in this holy place.

What are you going to do about it old man? I am the Dark Princess!

You are not the Dark Princess...

What do you mean?

Erim, the Dark Princess, no longer exists.

*enters* Though the Erim seed has sprout, its only effect was to give rebirth to the evil that was Tsarkon. You Mire, are not Erim, the Dark Princess.


What are you talking about? Of course I am!

*places hands together* Entity of Darkness, begone from this vessle! *both glow a bright white*

*is hit by the light and falls down to the floor*

What the?

*voice* Hahahahahaha! You may have stopped me from getting the keys, but we will get them eventually. But with your hero gone, you now have no chance to defeat us.

The Dark Entity?

He possessed her?

Just like he did with my brother many years ago.

*slowly gets up, very groggy* Ugh... what happened?

The Dark Entity possessed you and attempted to take the swords and the gems himself. But... using you he... *looks over at Orakio's body*

*kneels there crying beside her dead father* Daddy...

*starts to tear up* No... I couldn't have...

It was not your fault Mire. You were used for your power... The Dark Princess has been dead for 25 years... so they needed a substitute... or so they thought.

I... I don't know what we did. I feel like this is our fault.

If we hadn't of been so fearful of Tsarkon in doing his every wish... perhaps this man would still be alive.

If it were not you, it would have been someone else.

But I bring good news to you all.

What's that?

The councel of Skyhaven is made up of those souls who once protected our world.

*enters* Like me...

*follows behind Orakia* And me.

*shocked* Sister?

Skyhaven is the home of these souls.

When a body dies, their soul sticks around the world, unseen until they realize that their mission is complete.

When the task they initially attempted to complete becomes done, they can finally journey through the universe to see what nobody else can see. When they are through with their "vacation" they come back here.

This is where they look over this world. But only the spirits of the protectors will be visible when the world is in need again.

So... we can see dad again?

Only when his spirit has finally rested and when something else in the world requires us to be here.

Dad... he wouldn't want me to cry right now... He would want me to be strong.

You will have time to mourn later. First, someone needs to see her family one last time...


Go children. Go to your mother. *hands Rhys the Holy Arm* Take this as well.

*takes it* C'mon guys.


*hands Rhys the two gems and the two swords* You will need these.

*takes them* ... Thank you... *runs off*

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(Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand)