*at Orakio and Leene's house in Somerset*

*runs in* Mom!

*laying in bed* Kids! *coughs hard* You returned!

Welcome back kids.

*walks in behind the kids* Are you ok Jessica?

Yeah, I'm fine.

*follows Zak* Dyed your hair again mom?

Kinda have to. Grayer than your father's.

*walks in behind Stare* Leene!

Jema darling...

*runs in* Me too aunty Leene!

Angela... still chipper as ever I see...

*walks in behind Angela and goes over towards Leene* Crys, Crystal, and their kids are outside the window. See them?

*waves through the window*

*waves back* I can't help but feel something is missing.

How are you doing Leene?

I've seen better days. But now that you are all here... well... *hangs head* I wish so much to see Orakio come through that door, but I know it's not going to happen.

How do you know?

I... can't explain it. I just felt his voice crying my name along with a lot of pain. What happened.

*walks in, hangs by the door*


I'm sorry Ma'am... it's me who killed him.

You did what?

She was possessed by the Dark Entity... using her, he killed dad... Mire had nothing to do with it.

*lays her head down* Then I forgive you Mire...


I think... I think Orakio wanted to die this way. Did he die protecting this world?

He sacrificed his own life so that they wouldn't get the six swords.

So... you have them then?

Yes... we have them all and the 4 pieces to the Star of Algo.

So... *looks at Rhys* I guess this is your fight.


Rhys... Kyra... you've both made me so proud. I'm just sad to think that my love won't be with me anymore.

We will avenge his death Leene. I swear on my own life.

By the honor of the Knights of Gold... both Lord Sandor and Orakio will rest peacefully.

For dad!

For dad!

I pray to it. Please prepare yourselves enough though. *coughs*

I will look after Leene. Please save this world for the last time.

Let's all go! To Mt. Katahdin... the site of the Ritual!


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(Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne)