*at the Mt. Katahdin Ritual site*

*enters, holding the Nightshadow* This place is creepier then when dad last took us here.

*enters, holding the Fireheart* Something very evil is going to happen.

*enters, carrying the Earthbound* Just stay together and we'll be fine.

*enters, holding the Oceansoul* That's easy for you to say.

*limps in, holding the Winddance* Quiet you all.

*enters, holding the Holy Arm* This place reaks of blood.

*walks behind, holding the Dezorian Diamond* Is this where we are suppose to be?

*walks in, holding the Rykros Crystal* I guess so.

*follows Jema, holding the Heart of Unity Card* ... Duece...

*follows Caitlyn* Hold in there...

*follows Zak* I'm getting too old for this.

*follows Crystal* Yeah right.

*follows Arik* C'mon guys...

*follows the rest* I remember this place.

*booming voice* As you rightfully should!

*flames emerge from the ritual site*

Welcome to my ritual. I see you have brought me everything that I want.

Everything you want but you shall not get!

Oh, but you see, I only needed that stuff brought here. The Queen of the Night shall be revived.


Stones of the Algolian Star, hear my cry! Revive the chosen one, revive the Queen of the Night!

*the diamond starts to glow black*

*the crystal glows black along with the rest of her*

*a black smoke appears from the flames*

*cries and leaps out of the flames, landing like a cat* *glares at Jema* Sister... I never thought you'd make it...


You're the Queen of the Night?

Hahahahaha! The Queen of the Night, the Two Gods, the Royal Bishop... now all that remains is the King of the Orakians...

You have to get our swords first!

Again... you fools just fell into my trap. The swords are gathered here. And you six are standing right where I need you.

*below Rhys, Rulakir, Jaymi, William, Stare, and Crys appears a circle with a 6-sided star underneath it*

Everything has gone according to plan... minus those worthless thieves. And what's better... the hero is dead. Now... *starts a chant* Swords of the King's destruction, hear my call. Return his majesty right before my eyes.

*the six swords glow red hot and fly into the air, fusing into one sword, which lands blade first in the middle of the circle*


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(Phantasy Star IV - The Black Blood)