*a black smoke appears from the flames*

*steps out of the flames* Why my young Rulakir... how lovely to see you.


And now the five of us are finally together. The King, the Queen, the Bishop, and the two Gods! *starts to glow white*

*appears* Hahahahaha!

*stomps in* It's smashing time!

And now, it's time to finish what we started 25 years ago... destroying this world!

*looks at Rulakir* It seems you've lost most of your power... how sad.

*draws his original sword* We'll just see about that.

*glares at Jema* Prepare to face a fate that should have been bestowed upon you more than 20 years ago.

You're not doing the same thing to me that you did to the Orakian girls!

Let's go mom!

Damn... what do I do now?

*voice* Rhys...

*looks around* Dad?

*voice* Trust in your family. Get the sword. Use the sword. Defeat them all once and for all.

*nods and runs after the sword*

*jumps in front of Rhys* Where do you think you're going?

*throws a card at Tsarkon* Orakian Bomb!

*throws a card at Tsarkon* Orakian Bomb!

*gets hit by both, which explode on contact* OUCH!!! *falls down*

Get the sword, now!

*runs after it again*

*stomps in front of Rhys* Where are you going squirt?

*jumps high into the air and jabs his spear into the eye of the Dark Entity*

*flies in from the sky and shoots the Dark Entity with his Laconian Shot*

*screams in horror, trying to get the spear out of his eye* Damned toothpick... damned laconia! It burns!

*runs under the Dark Entity towards the sword*

*appears in front of Rhys* Peekaboo... EYE see you!

Judgemental Light! *fires a beam at the Non-Entity*

What do you think you're doing?!

*runs up towards the Non-Entity and slashes him across the middle eye in an X formation*

OWWWW! It burns!

*runs around the Non-Entity* The Sword!

*jumps in front of Rhys and tries to claw at him* Not so fast.

*runs in and tackles Anja* Care to rassle!

*runs to the sword finally*

*voice* Use the Nei Sword... strike him down once and for all!

*grabs the Nei Sword and holds it high* I finally have it!

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(Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel)