You may have had fun getting that sword... but, can you defeat my Golden Destructor? *raises hand to the sky* I summon thee, Zarnath!

Oh for the love of crimeny!

Not this again!


This cannot be good.

That's ok... we can just use the Shield again.

Yeah, that would be great if I didn't hang it above the fireplace at home!

We're just gonna have to defeat it, that's all.

*comes from the dark sky, roaring*

Holy crap...

Too many giants.

How do we kill that thing?

We're just going to have to find a way now aren't we?

Easier said than done.

*draws a card* Let's rock this joint then.


But... *looks at Zarnath* What do we do?

Hit it with everything we have! *shoots it with some fire magic*

*absorbs the magic* *laughs and fires the same spell back at Crystal*

*is hit by the spell and falls back*

Ok, so magic won't work.

Try this then. William... remember what we practiced?

That won't work...

*kneels down with her hands by her knee* We have to try.

Fine... *runs at Angela* Falcon... *jumps into her hands*

DIVE! *lifts William up and throws him into the air*

*backflips in mid air and flies straight for Zarnath's chest*

*is hit by William*

*the sword sticks in the chest* Uh oh... *hangs from the sword*

Angela, stay there... give me a boost!

*remains kneeled with hands near knee*

*runs and jumps into Angela's hands*

*throws Arik into the air*

*continues to fly high up* Dragon Dive! *backflips and starts to come down at an angle, turning blue as he heads for Zarnath's eye*

*is hit in the eye by Arik* *roars loud*

*jumps off with his spear*

*releases the sword and falls to the ground*

*looks at everybody with one eye*

Enough playing. You're not running this time! Finish them now!

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(Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle 2)