Burst Stream of Destruction!

*starts to inhale heavily*

You got the card?

Which one?

*exhales a massive amount of lightning at everybody*

*throws a card in the air* Magic Barrier! *the barrier covers everybody and absorbes the attack* I'm talking about your Magic Mirror card.

It's in the deck somewhere, but I don't know if I can draw it fast enough.

Just keep throwing cards until you can.

But my limit is almost reached.

*throws hands in front* Dark Megid! *fires a blast of dark fire at Zarnath*

*is hit by the flames, but doesn't budge* *inhales deeply again*

Use it again!

*throws a card* Inferno!

*continues to inhale, even though he was hit with a fireball*

*draws* Dammit!

How many do you have left to use up?

I think I can only use 3 more.


*throws two more cards* Megid, Tandle!

*is hit by the fire and the lightning, but continues to inhale*

Draw it! Throw the rest out if you have to!

But you said that if we throw the cards out they can be used by non-card members.

Do you think that applies here? Just do it!

*searches the deck in search of the card* Where is it?

The barrier won't hold another blast!

*exhales an even greater amount of lightning compared to before*

It's too jumbled... I can't find it!

Caitlyn, hurry!

I hope this works. *randomly picks one and throws it at the lightning* Magic Mirror!

*the card bursts open and covers the lightning, which causes the lightning to return back to Zarnath*

*his hit by the lightning* ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! *bursts into flames and then ashes, falling to the ground*

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(Secret of Mana - Meridian Dance)