Dammit! Zarnath!

Care to give up now?

Even with all 5 of you, you cannot defeat us.

I know I can.

Little brother... I know this is not the time, but... I believe in you. This is your chance to prove to yourself that you don't have to always live under our father's shadow. Forge your own destiny.

You don't even possess one hundredth of the power that your father did... what makes you think you can stop us?

*stands by Lord Rulakir, bleeding heavily* We still won't go down.

*stands by Lord Rulakir, bleeding from his eye* Nor will we ever again.

*stands behind Lord Rulakir* With our powers combined, we shall wipe this pitiful planet of the map of the universe.

*stands in front of Lord Rulakir* And then, the next planet will feel our wrath.

*steps from behind of Anja* *draws his sword* I've been meaning to stretch out my dueling legs... what say you Rhys... you and me, just the same way your father did 20 years ago.

You're on. And this time, I'll do what my father didn't... and that is kill you!


*looks at Rulakir* What?

Lord Rulakir... he's gonna throw some tricks at you. Make sure you know what you're doing. This will be the toughest enemy you've ever faced.

Gotcha... *looks back at Lord Rulakir* Let's go.

As you wish. *charges at Rhys*

*yells and charges at Rulakir, clashing his sword with Rulakir's*

Nice touch kid... you know how to fight. Let's see how fast you can fight. *slashes at Rhys' feet swiftly*

*leaps over the attack and slashes at Rulakir's head*

*ducks it and fires a blast of fire at Rhys*

*spins around and hits the fire back at Rulakir with his sword*

*is hit by the fire, but is unphased by it* You are fast kid. That's for sure. You'd make your grandfather proud.

I know all about you, GRANDPA! You tried to kill my mother. For that I will NOT forgive you! *charges at Rulakir again*

*clashes his sword with Rhys* Back down boy, you don't know what you're dealing with.

*pushes against Rulakir's sword* I know exactly what I'm dealing with. You caused mother all this pain! *pushes up on the sword and slashes at Rulakir*

*sways back* She caused her own pain by marrying your peasant of a father. *attempts to slash Rhys with a forceful slash*

*rolls out of the way and slashes upward at Rulakir* Don't you dare say that about my father!

*backflips out of the way onto his feet* Well now... *gazes at Rhys* It seems your father has taught you well... but I know all of your father's moves... I never forgot the day he defeated me. *throws his sword at Rhys*

*moves out of the way in time to see the sword stick out of the side of the cliff*

*jumps on the sword*

*rolls around and pulls the sword out of the cliff* Joke's on you...

*falls to the ground*

*holds both swords against Rulakir's throat* My father didn't teach me a damned thing!

*eyes wide open* What?! You mean...

*the Nei sword glows a bright blue and white* I learned this ALL myself! *stabs Rulakir's throat with the Nei Sword, then jabs the other sword through Rulakir's heart, making sure the blade goes through the ground.

Gah! *coughs up blood* I... underestimated you... boy...

Master Rulakir!

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(Golden Sun: The Lost Ages - Agatio & Karst Battle)