*takes the sword out of his throat and out of his chest and slowly stands up* You... haven't gotten me yet. *throws both swords aside and walks over towards the others*

Master... we must do it now.

The duel was useless... let's combine our powers now!

Yes... only then will we finally destroy this world.

To smash this world.

*stands in the middle of all of them, forming a cross formation* This is it. Rhys, Rulakir... you've met your maker, now prepare to meet your end!

*all five begin to yell very loudly as a massive amount of power surges from each of them*

*grabs the Nei Sword* This isn't good.

Their power is going to destroy us all.

Mire, don't you have protective powers?

Even I can't stop this one. This one has the power of 5 Gods...

Then it is hopeless then.

We've got to do something quick.

Why did you have to die Orakio!

This one is for you Duece... *throws her card in the air* Heart of Unity!

*the card engulfs Tsarkon, Non-Entity, Dark Entity, Anja, and Lord Rulakir in a barrier*

That should hold their energy in.

Your little cards won't stop us!

The barrier won't last long. We have to think of something fast!

Come on somebody, think!

The Nei Sword can't do a thing. I've done all I know how to do.

You did fine Rhys... but we need something else.

What about the Star of Algo?

It could work... but... I can't use it.

Why not?

When Anja was revived, the Diamond didn't react at all to me. It was only reacting to you Angela.

So... what?

*gives her the diamond* Use it. You have all 4 with you. Perhaps it's enough to save us all.

*takes the gems* But... I don't know what to do.

*fires a blast at the barrier, holding it in place* You guys better think of something fast before the energy of these guys blows us all to Skyhaven.

*fires a blast along with Mire* We can't hold much longer!

*fires a blast with the other two* Hurry!

*holds the gems in her hands tightly, which start to glow white* Please... Star of Algo, help us! *the gems disappear* What happened?

The gems... are they... gone?

I feel... funny.

Great... laugh later. Do something!

*helps hold the barrier up with her hands* You three... this barrier is getting really hot. Perhaps you can do something?

*lets go* Us?

*lets go* Why are you helping with the barrier?

*lets go* You should be killing them...

*realizes they let go* Huh?

Thanks guys. I can take it from here. *looks at Rulakir* Daddy... Mommy... if something happens, know that I love you.

Sugar... don't do this!

Don't worry. I think I've got it under control. *places her hands inside the barrier*

We're almost through... *looks at the hands* Huh?

Great Light, give me strength. *looks at Lord Rulakir* Die now... Ultimate Strike! *shoots a massive blast of energy from within the barrier, then removes her hands.

*the energy reflects off every corner of the barrier, hitting each of the 5 over and over and only gaining strength after hitting the barrier, yet continues to pound away at the five of them.*

My... my beautiful plan! *falls to the ground and dies*

Eye didn't see this coming. *falls to the ground and dies*

I'm suppose to do the smashing... *falls with a thunderous thud and dies*

How dare you... kill the Queen... *falls down and dies*

Nooooooo! I can't die this way!... *falls down to the ground*

*closes eyes and collapses*

Angela! *runs to her side*

My baby! *runs to her side*

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(Phantasy Star IV - Ooze)