*laying down, eyes still closed* Did... did we do it?

Angela baby... you... you were amazing!

We all were.

*breathing heavily* This was tough.

I never felt anything like it.

Dad... can he finally rest in peace?

It's... it's finally over?

The card... did it really help?

I can't believe those cards actually took down Tsarkon.

Dad, that was awsome... the way you jumped in there and stabbed the Dark Entity right in the eye.

Come on. What about you and Stare facing down the Non-Entity the way you did.

That was nothing. The way Kyra held up the barrier with Mire and Crystal.

Or the way Angela tackled Anja.

Or the way Rhys stabbed Lord Rulakir right in his heart.

It didn't do any good though. He still had enough energy to try to destroy us.

Rhys... your father had to transform into an Omega Orakian just to fight the way you did tonight. I think he'd be very proud of you. You did something he could never do... and that's fight like a human. Lord Rulakir knew you were the son of his daughter and the orakian that defeated him. He thought that you'd defeat him the same way your father did. That was his mistake.

*slowly crawls up* My... only mistake was... creating this cursed race.


But... at last... I see the Star of Algo... and now... *raises hand* The power can once again roam free. *chants in an uninterpertable Orakian language* It has been done... *collapses, dead*

*screams at a high pitched sound* HELP HELP HELP! THE PAIN!!! *shakes wildly*

What the hell? Rulakir you fiend!

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(Phantasy Star IV - Fal)