What's going on?

*the shaking finally stops* *lays there motionless and cold*

*emerges from Angela's body* *screams in a high pitched sound*

Holy crap!

Too loud!

*looks around at everybody* I... I am the Star of Algo.


You doubt me, Rulakir?

How do you know me?

I know all...

That's impossible... how... but... what?

I am the very being who created this planet and many others. I've seen the pain the people have put on this planet, namely the Orakians.

Hey! We protected this planet!

Did you? The Evil only really showed up once the Orakians showed up on this planet.

That's a lie! What about the Non-Entity.

The Non-Entity was my creation.

Your creation?

I had to eliminated the Orakians, so I sent the Non-Entity to do so. I had separated myself into 4 gems while he took care of business. I thought I had them all too... except for one named Earl.

Our grandfather.

Thinking the work was done, I sent the Dark Entity to rest... but then, he awoken when Orakio defeated Tsarkon. Granted Tsarkon was evil and that this planet needed to purge him of it, the Orakians caused him to come here, seeking great power.

You lie!

And even if she does, her plan failed. We Orakians are still here.

And even so, explain the Dark Entity.

Another being attracted by the power of Orakians. The humans and animals that revived him were also after that same power.

You make no sense.

And even so, explain me!

President NEU's creation? You are a part of me, just as your daughter. But the President was human... he didn't know any better.

He used US to do his evil work. He built a beam of destruction. THAT is human. He craved NOTHING of the Orakians.

He must have.

Evil will always exist where there is order. Create another planet and watch the evil go there without us touching in.


You think a Genocyde of all remaining Orakians on this planet is going to solve anything?

You can kill us now and evil will still come back. We've protected this planet.

And we will continue to protect it.

Orakians must be destroyed once and for all. I aided one of you so that the king of them could be destroyed. That leaves nine of you left.

*thinks* Mom, Rulakir, Kyra, Angela, Crys, Crystal, Will, Caitlyn... and me... yup, that's nine.

So what exactly are you going to do?

I must protect my planet. Now that I have been awaked, I shall do my duty as the Goddess that this planet craves.

Goddess? Since when did this planet ever worship you?

What do you mean?

Us humans never once tried to understand where we came from, only where we are going. We never thought of how we were created.

If you are our creator, you are as insignificant to us now as you have ever been. For generations we relied on our will, intelligence, strength, and determination to get us through the tough times. Humans don't need you, even if you are our creator.

And the fact that you just now show up and inhabit the body of my HALF ORAKIAN daughter shows that you really do know nothing about how this world has worked. Why don't you go leave and create another planet or something? We don't need you here.

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(Final Fantasy IX - The Dark Messenger)