... so it is clear then. Orakians have turned the humans against me! *starts to flare up a massive amount of energy, voice suddenly chances to a darker tone* All beings on this planet will die at my hand! *the sky turns black and it begins to rain hard along with thunder and lightning* I will not fade into memory.

*draws his sword* You already have.

You are nothing but a memory to us all, if even that. Get ready for this.

*readies some magic* You just expect us to welcome you as our Goddess? You make the same mistake that Rulakir did.

*readies some magic* We worship those who save us, not those who try to kill us.

*draws his sword* What are you trying to accomplish?

*readies an attack* In destroying us, you will just be doing the will of Lord Rulakir.

Even if you us down...

We will come back even more powerful than you could ever imagine...

Quote by Obi-Wan Kenobi...

*walks up, holding a sword, breathing heavily* And if... you even think...

*looks over* Mom?

Of... killing what my husband died to protect...

What are you doing here?

Then I myself will kill you! *runs at the Star of Algo, panting as she runs*


*reaches her hand in front of her*

*stops along with the hand*

Insolent fool. You think your puny attack will stop the destruction of this planet. *energy starts to form from her hand* MORTIUS REPOSO!!!

*body jerks forward a bit, then comes to a sudden halt* *grins as she collapses* Forgive me children... *lands with a thud and dies*

Motheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! *cries*

This is too much! *looks at the Star of Algo* You will pay for this! *charges at her*

*still holding her hand out* Mortius Reposo!

*is uneffected by it and continues to run forward*

*shouts again* MORTIUS REPOSO!

*still uneffected, runs still at her*

How is he still alive?

*holding both her hands out, whispering something with her eyes closed*



*still nothing* Megido Blade! *sword glows red, jumps into the air and comes down slashing the Star of Algo, which explodes on contact*

*runs in from behind* Dark Megid! *incinerates the Star of Algo with a blast of dark magic*

*jumps high into the air and comes down with the spear landing through the Star's chest*

Omni Slash!


*both charge at her, repetedly slashing her over many times*

*throws a card* Zeeky Boogy Doog!

*the card hits her with a massive explosion the size of what an H-Bomb would do*

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Maybe I'm a Lion)