*still standing after the explosion... beaten up* If that is really the best you've got, I will have no trouble defeating you all.


That should have killed her.

*raises hands* The fires of my personal hell will engulf this planet.

*stands there, glaring at the Star of Algo*

What are you looking at?


Did anybody ever wonder why Leene even showed up here?


She knew she was going to die... but... as the old saying goes... "Once a protector, always a protector."

What is that suppose to mean?


*from out of nowhere, is hit by two slashing swords* What the?

*appear for a second in a glimpse of light, then turn around and start slashing the Star of Algo all over*



*cannot see a thing* *is continually hit over and over again, not being able to move due to the intensity and frequency of the attacks*

*stops in front of Kyra* My daughter... look after your brother for me. *continues to attack the Star of Algo*

*stops in front of Rhys* My son... you have done something that I could not... for that I am proud of you. *continues to attack the Star*

Mire... how did you know?

That this was going to happen?

Your mother sacrificed herself to save us, just as your father did. Together is where they belong. Together is where they protect. Let's just say that I just knew.

*continues to take massive damage*

Can the Star be defeated?

*from a distance* Orakian Bomb!

I think so...

*from a distance* Meteor Crush!

*wakes up and gets up* *yawns* What did I miss? *watches Orakio and Leene continue to pound away at the Star of Algo*

Well, the Star of Algo came out of you...

Orakians got blamed for everything...

Mom... she sacrificed herself.

She did?

Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I can't... die... so easily! *falls to the ground, kneeling and breathing heavily*

*stops their attacks*

*walks up to the Star of Algo*

*looks up at Angela, breathing*

You poor being...

Don't pity me...

So much power, but you can't defeat the power of a strong family, can you?

Don't... underestimate me.

You've been forgotten... but... now history will remember you as the Goddess whose jealousy made her so angry that she nearly destroyed the world she created.


Is that how you want to be remembered?

I... I... *breathes heavily*

I won't kill you... perhaps you've suffered enough...


Why... why do I deserve mercy? I've shown no mercy.

Because... everybody deserves to be remembered how they want to be. I don't think you want to be remembered that way.


You created this world... even if you destroy it, people will not worship you... only fear you.

*breathes heavily still*

By sparing this world, you will be remembered... perhaps even worshipped.

No... *sighs* I am not worthy enough. *looks at Angela* But... perhaps all of you are.

*touches the shoulder of the Star of Algo*

*smiles* Thank you. *disappears into a light, which enters Angela* I am sorry for the trouble I caused.

I feel ...warm... and good.

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(Final Fantasy X - This is Your Story)