*Get Wise, is not filmed, before a live web-audiance*

Calling Control Agent 00. Please come and see the chief.

*In walks Control Agent 00, Orakio*

You called, Selan?

Yes, Orakio. The chief wishes to see you.

What is it about?

I don't know, you will have to ask the chief.

*Walks into the chief's office* Good day, chief. You wanted to see me?

You bet I want to see you. Orakio, do you remember what us control agents do?

Uh, not exactly chief. I don't get paid enough to remember my work.

Gee, Orak. I might as well be selling shoes.

Whoa! Don't go there.

Ah, your right. But anyways, us Control Agents are here for one reason and one reason only.

To get the women?

Right. *gives Orakio a high five* NO! That is not it! Our mission is to stop the forces of evil from ruining the Fantasy World. And today, we have found the lair of SYCO.

What does SYCO stand for again?

I don't know. They never told me.

So where is it?

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(Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Focus Tower)