*Just then, Orakio and the Chief hear telephone bells ringing.*

Orak, I bet you that that ringing is coming from your Boot-Phone.

Man, I am glad we got rid of those Shoe-Phones. *Takes off his boot and places it to his ear* Hello. Hello? Heeellooo?

Orak, it is still ringing.

Sorry chief, must have the wrong boot. *Takes off the other boot* Hello? Ok. Your name is Mr. Chang Who? Hold on one second. Chief. Who is on the phone.

I don't know. Who is on the phone?



Sir, Chang Who is on the phone.

Why didn't you say that before. Put him on speaker.

*Presses a button on his boot-phone and it plays to the speaker.*

Hello, this is the Chief.

*Voice* Chief. I am Chang Who. I am calling because I have info about the SYCO leader, Mr. Shorty. But... *Thud*

Chang? Chang? You there?

*Different Voice* Hello, Chief. I have Chang Who with me. If you want him back, come and get him. Send your best agents. We are waiting.

Who are you?

*Same Voice* You will find out soon enough. *Hangs up*

Orakio, we have to go to SYCO headquarters and get Chang back.

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(Legend of Zelda - Dungeon)