So, where is SYCO Headquarters?

It is in a place called Paseo. Paseo has been abandoned for about 7 years now. The Central Tower is where it is. A good 25 stories high.

So, I have to go to Paseo. What will you be equipping me with?

First off, let me introduce you to your partner. Agent 199. 199, come on in.

Hello, 00.

You mean I have to work with a female agent?

She may be female, but she is stronger than you. Tia, show him what you can do.

Yes sir. *Takes her whip and wraps it around Orakio*

Ok, so she can wrap me up. So what?

Tia, show him the new Whip we gave you.

Yes sir. *Presses a button on the whip. 1000 Volts of electricity flows through the whip*


*Turns off the whip.*

Uh, Chief. If you don't mind, I would like to take Agents H9 and Z2 with us.

They will be in later. I have them planned to go as well. Now, lets go to the lab and get you equiped.

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