*Inside the Control Agents Lab*

Ok. Professor Rune, what do you have for us?

Well, Chief. This first piece of equipment is for Orakio. Let me see your sword.

*Takes out his sword, and hands it to Professor Rune*

*Takes the sword, does some wierd stuff to it, and hands it back to Orakio* I just installed a laser shooting device in the blade. Just press on the butt of the handle, and the blade will shoot out a laser. But, it can only be used twice.

*Takes the sword back* So I just take the handle like this, *holds the sword, blade pointing to the ceiling* and press on the butt like this, *presses on the butt of the handle, shooting a laser at the ceiling, causing a lamp to fall on the Chief's head*

Ouch, Orak.

Sorry about that chief. What do you have for us now?

*Holds a baseball in his hand*

This is no time to play baseball. We have to take down SYCO.

This is not a game, Orak. Tell him about the baseball.

This baseball has been covered with liquid flubber. Just watch. *Bounces the baseball on the ground, which then quickly bounces up to the ceiling, and back to the ground, continuing the bounce.

Wow. Imagine the damage you could do with that? You can't even see it bounce.

It makes a good invisible wall for a while. What else do you have?

That is it, for today. Have fun with it, Agent 00. I will recharge the laser shooting blade for you.

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(Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Bremen's March)