Give it up, Rulakir. You are no match for Control.

Not just yet. Remember, you are my prisoner.

I must have forgotten.

So, you are the best fighter in Control, are you not?

Of course I am.

Then you won't mind fighting my best guard. Vegeta!

*Just then, Vegeta flies in through the office window.*

What do you want?

Destroy this man.

You want to give me a real challenge?

This guy claims to have more power than you.

Eep. I think it is time for a plan. *Taps foot once on floor*.

What good is that going to do you?

Lets just say, it increases my odds of beating you.

Right. The odds were 1,000,000 to 1. What are they now? 999,999 to 1?

I like those odds.

Well then, since Rulakir is paying me for your death, I like to make quick work.

Don't count on it this quickly, Vegeta.

And why not?

Because, by tapping my foot, I just sent away for Agent T15. He should be here any second now, and believe me, he is in your level of power.

I would like to see that. See if he can get this high of an energy reading. *Flares up energy*

*Yawns*. You think I should be impressed?

You should be. Now, WHERE IS THIS T15!!?




He must be running late.

Ya think?

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(Dragonball Z Super Butouden 2 - Vegeta's Theme)