I am just about done waiting for him. Do you want me to kill you now?

*Just then, a man, who looks a lot like Vegeta flies in*

I got your message, 00.

Where have you been, Trunks? Any longer and I would have been blasted to smithereens by this man.

Too much traffic flying in.

So son. You really think you can defeat your father?

Of course I can. You forget. You are doing this for money. I am protecting the world from SYCOs like yourself.

You always did play dirty, Orakio. *Draws sword, which has a white blade at the end of it* But I like playing fair. Here is your sword *passes Orakio his sword, which has a black blade at the end of it.*

You, play fair? You wanted Vegeta to kill me. *Grabs his sword*

*Looks at the blades*

What are you two looking at?

Why does the man who stands for good, have a black blade...

And the man who stands for evil, have a white blade?



Would you believe, that black is the color for good, and white for evil?


Would you believe, we were switched at birth?

How could you switch twins at birth?


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(Dragonball Z Super Butouden 2 - Trunks' Theme)