Playtime is over. Prepare to die, brother.

Why do any of us have to die? Mother would be heartbroken.

Mother has been dead for 16 years.

Rulakir, we are only 16 years old. How can she have died?

You lamewad. She died giving birth to us.

Oh yeah. That does make sense. But I bet she would turn over in her grave.

We creamated her. You never even showed up to the spreading of the ashes. She wants me to kill you, so that you can join her.

You weren't there either. We were just born. No more than 2 weeks old.

Would you two shut up. I want to teach my son a valuable lesson in death.

I don't think so, father. You seem to forget that I killed Freeza with ease.*Starts his attack*

Ugh. Kids *Fights Trunks*

He does have a point there.

In what, defeating Freeza?

No, in you shutting up.

He told you to shut up.

Whatever. *Starts his attack*

*Fights Rulakir*

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Boss Theme)