*Meanwhile, in prison, we join our forgotten heroes, Tia, Sonic, and Zero.*

So, why isn't Orakio here?

More importantly, how do we get out?

They took all our items.

Not quite. They didn't get my Magnet Shoes.

Great, what are we going to do with Magnet Shoes?

They just might work. Ok, here is the plan. You see that guard sleeping over there? Hold up your foot, Sonic, and those keys that are on him might just come sliding this way.

It is worth a shot. *Lifts foot up to the guard. The keys are attracted to the magnet and slide right to the shoes. He then picks up the keys and unlocks the cell door.*

Good plan, Zero.

Ok, so where are we?

In the dungeon.

We have to go back to the top floor. Who knows what Mr. Shorty has done with Orakio.

Wouldn't it be good if we had our equipment back?

Already got mine.

But we need ours. Sonic, you see that treasure chest on the other side of the building?


Check it to see if it has our equipment.

Ok. *Disappears in a blue blur and is back in 2 seconds, holding a Whip and a Beam Saber.*

That was quick.

I like doing things fast.

Well, lets go to the top.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Organic Beat)