*Back at Mr. Shorty's Office, Trunks is fighting Vegeta, while Orakio has his hands full with Rulakir*

Give it up, brother. You cannot defeat SYCO. *Swings sword*

Would you believe that I can? *Blocks sword attack*

I find that hard to believe. *Goes for Orakio's feet*

Would you believe that it comes out a draw? *Jumps to avoid the trip*

*Fighting too fast to even see, or care about. But we know that niether one of them is dead yet.*

*after about an hour of fighting, Orakio finally backs off.*

*Drops his sword* Ok, you got me, Rulakir.

Ha! I always win. *Picks up Orakio's sword*

*Takes out the baseball*

This is no time for a game.

Come here, I have a secret.

*Gets closer to Orakio* What is it.

This baseball, is coated with... *drops the ball, which bounces back up and hits Rulakir in the chin, knocking him down. The ball goes up to the ceiling, and drops down on Rulakir's head, which then bounces up again, and down again.* FLUBBER.

No, ow, fair, ow. You, ow, cheated, ow.

*Picks up his sword* I have you beat now, Rulakir. So why don't you...


Oh, crap. *hides behind the office door*

*Everything turns white. After things clear off, the only things remaining of the floor, is Orakio, Rulakir, Vegeta, Trunks, and the office door, with Orakio still holding onto it.*

*Stands up, and brushes self off* I hope you plan on paying for that.

Not really.

I thought not.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Battle)